Programming Schedule (Week Beginning November 18, 2022)


All Times are EST

12:30 AMMusic Compilation 001
1:00 AMPruned, Trained, and Highly Productive (National_618)
1:30 AMIt's All About Eternity (National_616)
2:00 AMThe Magnificent Place Called Heaven (WLM_543)
3:00 AMVeiled or Unveiled (WLM_541)
4:00 AMAllelujia: The Praise Continues
5:00 AMThe Temple of God (WLM_542)
6:00 AMWelcome Holy Spirit (National_617)
6:30 AMGod's Miracle Book (WLM_540)
7:30 AMDo You Really Understand? (National_615)
8:00 AMThe Power of Thoughts And Words (HC_003)
9:00 AMMusic Compilation 001
9:30 AMPruned, Trained, and Highly Productive (National_618)
10:00 AMIt's All About Eternity (National_616)
10:30 AMThe Magnificent Place Called Heaven (WLM_543)
11:30 AMVeiled or Unveiled (WLM_541)
12:30 PMAllelujia: The Praise Continues
1:30 PMThe Temple of God (WLM_542)
2:30 PMWelcome Holy Spirit (National_617)
3:00 PMGod's Miracle Book (WLM_540)
4:00 PMNEW! Jesus' Final Words to His Disciples (National_619)
4:30 PMWelcome Holy Spirit (National_617)
5:00 PMNEW! The Sin of Indifference (WLM_544)
6:00 PMThe Temple of God (WLM_542)
7:00 PMAllelujia: The Praise Continues
8:00 PMThe Magnificent Place Called Heaven (WLM_543)
9:00 PMPruned, Trained, and Highly Productive (National_618)
9:30 PMVeiled or Unveiled (WLM_541)
10:30 PMIt's All About Eternity (National_616)
11:00 PMThe Power of Thoughts And Words (HC_003)


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Dr. Kennedy was given a mandate by God to “grow up the Body of Christ and teach them victory”, addressing the whole man: spirit, soul, and body. This mandate is evident in every facet of Dr. Kennedy’s ministry, and is conveyed through her teachings, television programs, books and conferences. Dr. Kennedy is passionate about teaching the Body of Christ to live victoriously by applying the Word of God to their lives, both individually and corporately. 

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